CEOs today are constantly challenged and need to react as well as lead in a highly rapid, dynamic market. Those who are dealing with this intensity and are able to take it a step further – are invited to take on the CEO Program.

The CEO Program includes 5 days of agile material, views and experiences that take you to the edge of your seat, to faraway lands across the ocean, and to intensity of sights and insights. You will experience thinking and counter-thinking sessions, challenging encounters with nature and yourself and will be equipped with a personal tool kit of your success strategies, to take with you post-landing.

The content of the CEO Program was created specifically for CEOs by Leemor Machnai  and Itay Kanner who work with CEOs on a daily basis across industries and with multinational companies as well as start ups.

There is no doubt we will take you to places you have not been before, by all means.

CEO Club

The CEO Club is a cadre of CEOs that have participated in our 5-day CEO Program.

After having gone through this intense program together and having met executives who face similar challenges on a daily basis, we will have a few joint meetings so you can continue to engage, share successes and challenges to continue improving your success as a CEO.

The club will meet periodically in Israel or internationally throughout the year, for activities that will be published to club members only.


Written by lunadm